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All our socks are made in Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦

African Made: Densen Magaisa

Densen wearing Wataka Basotho socks

For our #africanmade series we profiled Densen wearing socks.

Densen is a local freelance photographer and assistant, currently studying at Orms Cape Town School of Photography.



Densen, tell us about your upbringing?

I was born in Zimbabwe. I believe that it is my heritage, my family and community, that have shaped the way in which I think about and perceive the world. I am an African, a Shona man.

I personally think my heritage/history has created the person I am. With that said, I strongly believe sharing and understanding each other's heritage is the way of understanding one another. My heritage, to me, means I did not get here alone. There were others before myself - ancestors.

I now live in Cape Town and I love it. It's beautiful and full of culture. What more could I ask for?



What does it mean to be #Africanmade?

Being African Made means being lucky to have been born on the continent which is said to have been the start of humanity.


What are your favourite things about Africa?

My favourite thing about Africa is the people and their culture of always having hope even in the toughest situations. I also love the African landscapes and the natural light it creates in the warm climates.

My favourite African food is probably Kitfo - from Ethiopia.





Are you inspired by African clothing?

I like loose and baggy clothes, clothes that make me feel free and comfortable. I am a big a fan of how Chronixx dresses. I am also fairly into the West African Indigo cloth - although it's a bit too expensive.

I own a pair or two of Wataka socks. They are comfortable and colourful and African in the sense of the African pattern prints.





What are your goals for the future?

I have many goals for the future; I would like to be happy, financially stable, and in the chair to help those in need (especially those on the streets). Ultimately, I would like to be a director. I want to stay in Africa for the long run, but I would also like to explore and experience the rest of the world.


You can follow Densen on Instagram here.

Photographs and video by @beneustonbrown 

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