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All our socks are made in Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦

African Made: Prince Faya

African Made: Prince Faya

For our #africanmade series we profiled Prince Faya wearing socks.


"My name is Prince Faya, I'm from Chipinge in Zimbabwe.

I'm so proud of my family because we are so closely united, we love and support each other. I love the community where I am from, the people in our community are very supportive, loving and caring, they are all hard working and are striving for a better future regardless of our countries situation and economic decline.


I am an athlete and I'm very passionate about competing in the World championships, it is my dream. 

I have wanted to be an athlete for as long as I can remember... When l was a boy, I loved to run so much, so by the time I was in grade 5 I competed in long jump with the guys that were older than me and l took second position, the teachers that witnessed this event were shocked and didn't know I could jump that far.



l enjoyed athletics more than anything in this entire world, so by the time l went to Manzvire Secondary School, which is located very close to where l was living, by Form 3 l reached provincial standard. I'm so proud of myself because by that time I was the first person at school to reach national level. l had an amazing mentor and he loved me, he used to tell me a lot about how good athletics is.

My dream is to be an Olympic Long Jumper.


I'm so proud to be #Africanmade because Africa is a very accommodative continent with a lot of interesting creatures and so many natural resources. Africa allows a lot of companies from other continents to come and operate peacefully.


My favourite African food is pap (mealie-meal) and goat meat.

My favourite African word is "nyasha" which is Shona and means God's grace." ✌🏽


Photographs and video by @beneustonbrown 


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