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All our socks are made in Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦

African Made: Kent Lingeveldt

African Made: Kent Lingeveldt


Kent comes from the streets of the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa. He shaped his first board at 20 and has grown a global longboard brand. He is a sick shaper, lunatic skater (he has been a pro for years) and all round champ. Aweh!




All Kent's boards are hand made and shaped by him. Everyone that buys one off him want that special Kent Lingeveldt Midas touch. 




About being #AfricanMade

“The excitement that comes with being a fairly young democracy is the allure of the outside world beyond our African borders. It’s this act of always looking out that has made us miss what’s happening within. Spend more time looking inward and around rather than outward and we will find exactly and even more in our own backyard.”





Check out Kent's leather suit and helmet for downhill speed skating. Kent does not get out of bed unless they go 85kph or more. Eek.





“I’m a father first, and that’s my basis for everything else that follows. Whatever I achieve or am besides that is inspired by being a father."
"My wife and daughters have inspired me to be a better me. Full stop."

What a LEGEND.


You can buy Kent's longboards online or visit him in his shop in Woodstock (by appointment).

All photos taken by Neil Burton follow him on Instagram here.


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Hi Admin,

I like to find out if you are open for someone to order your socks and sell them. If so how much would your stock price be?

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